WSN 2016 Presidential Address and top 100 papers now available!

Thanks to all of you who participated in the survey on the most influential 100 papers for the 100th anniversary of Western Society of Naturalists.  The top ranked publication was (by alot) none other than the Origin of Species!  The ranked list of 100 papers is HERE.  Please read the info and disclaimer tab on the spreadsheet.  I presented selected results of the survey in my Presidential Address at the 100th meeting of the society in Monterey in November.  I had great discussions about the list with many meeting attendees after the talk, and there was some spirited post-meeting email discussion, so I thought I would share the whole presentation  HERE as a reduced file size PDF to make it easier to download, so some of the images are a little blurry.  After the talk, I made a few edits to the rankings based on papers I found to be duplicated in the list (oops), corrected some typos  and added a slide highlighting female lead authors in the top 100, as that was a topic of much discussion after the address (slide 24 if you want to jump right to it).  I hope those of you who were at the meeting enjoyed it, and those of you who couldn’t be there can at least see the results.


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