MS Position in Seaweed genetic diversity at UAB and UVI

The Krueger-Hadfield Evolutionary Ecology Lab is searching for a graduate student to work on seaweed genotypic diversity. 

The Krueger-Hadfield lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, in collaboration with the Cruz-Rivera lab at the University of the Virgin Islands, is recruiting a M.S. student to begin in Summer 2021 or Fall 2021. Our lab uses natural history, manipulative field and laboratory experiments, and population genetics and genomics in algae and invertebrates to test hypotheses centered on the evolutionary maintenance of sex. You can learn more about the Krueger-Hadfield lab at 

The M.S. project, recently funded by the National Science Foundation, will focus on the genotypic diversity and mating system dynamics of Sargassum accumulations in the US Virgin Islands. The graduate student will be supported through both teaching and research assistantships. Pending COVID-19 regulations, there will be fully-funded field work in the US Virgin Islands. The student will also be able to become involved in other field and lab projects currently underway in the Krueger-Hadfield lab and through this UAB-UVI collaboration.  

UAB is located in the heart of Birmingham. We have a vibrant and diverse biology faculty, including a cohort of marine biologists, and among them three phycologists. Information on the biology department graduate program is at Potential applicants should pay particular attention to the admission requirements ( 

If you are interested, please send an email to Dr. Stacy Krueger-Hadfield ( including the following: 1) a statement of research interests and how those interests fit into the Krueger-Hadfield lab, with particular reference to population genetics, and 2) your CV.