Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

Randall Hughes, Assistant Professor, Northeastern University

Kristin Hultgren, Assistant Professor, Seattle University

Suzanne Olyarnik, Director, Bodega Marine Reserve

Jarrett Byrnes, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Kyle Edwards, Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii

Kristin Aquilino,  Project Scientist, Bodega Marine Laboratory

Kirsten Sellheim, MS, Cramer Fish Sciences, Sacramento CA

Rebecca Best, Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University

Jessica Abbott, Postdoctoral Research Associate, The Wildlife Institute



Carol Thornber, Associate Professor, University of Rhode Island

Matt Bracken, Associate Professor, University of California Irvine

Fiona Tomas, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University

Jonathan Pruitt, Assistant Professor, University of California Santa Barbara

Marc Rius, Lecturer in Marine Biology, Southampton University, UK

Laura Reynolds, Assistant Professor, University of Florida



Selected undergraduates / REU students

(if you are an alum and not on this list, email me and let me know what you are up to!)

Marie Nydam, Assistant Professor, Centre College

Tanya Rogers, Graduate Student, Northeastern University

Danielle Claar, Graduate Student, University of Victoria (BC)

Meghan Balk, Postdoc, Smithsonian Institution

Joshua Chow, California Academy of Sciences

Julie Blaze, Research Technician, University of Georgia

Jason Toy, Graduate Student, UC Santa Cruz
Emily Jones, Graduate Student, San Diego State University

Cameron Coates, Scientist at Zymergen, Inc., San Francisco

Ambre Chaudoin, National Park Service

Elena Huynh, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Austin Greene, Graduate Student, University of Texas