I enjoy making our research findings available to a broad spectrum of the general public, both through personal outreach in schools and via the press. Some of my favorite activities involve bringing a “traveling tidepool” exhibit to local elementary school classrooms in which I engage students with stories of the biology and natural history of animals that are both familiar to them (sea stars and crabs) and quite foreign (sea cucumbers, sea squirts). My goal is to educate kids about the diversity of life in the sea and instill in them an appreciation for this diversity in the hopes that this might make them more understanding of the importance of preserving biodiversity in the face of human activities.

Beyond the classroom at UC Davis, we have engaged well over 100 undergraduates in research either on campus or in the field at the Bodega Marine Lab.  Emily Meyers, EEB undergraduate major and member of the lab for the past two years was recently featured on the College’s website for her undergraduate honors research at BML.  Read the story here:  https://biology.ucdavis.edu/news/summer-research-coast-fellowship-supports-undergrad-emily-meyers-bodega-marine-laboratory.  Former Stachowicz Lab undergraduate Kristen Kelly won the University Medal as the top undergraduate at UC Davis in 2011.

My research on decorator crab ecology and behavior has been written up in Highlights magazine for children, and aired as a segment on ABC World News and PBS’ Deep Look: click HERE to see the video and HERE to read the story.

I serve the State of California as a member and co-chair of the Science Advisory Team for the state’s Ocean Protection Council through which I co-led a working group that produced a report on the potential for marine submerged aquatic vegetation to buffer against the effects of ocean acidification.  I also serve as a member of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council’s Science Panel.