Jay Stachowicz

John J. Stachowicz (Jay)
Professor of Evolution and Ecology
4330 Storer Hall
(530) 752-1113
Ph.D., Marine Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1998)
A.B., Biology, Dartmouth College (1993)

Download CV hereIMG_1690

I am an ecologist interested in the causes of patterns of biodiversity in nature, as well as the consequences of variation in that diversity for the functioning of ecosystems.  I am motivated by answering questions that are of interest beyond the marine environment, but all of my research is conducted in marine systems, including a variety of marine
plants, algae and invertebrates.  My research is mostly based at the Bodega Marine Laboratory, although I am located on the main UC Davis campus most of the time.  I regularly collaborate with other researchers with expertise in genetics, physiology, and genomics.   You can read more about my lab’s research here and view a list of my publications here.

I teach classes in introductory biology (Ecology and Evolution, BIS 2B), as well as Marine Ecology (EVE 115).  I also occasionally teach a research methods in marine ecology class associated with our Zostera Experimental Network project, and a graduate course in community ecology.


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