I have been teaching at UCD at all levels since 2000. I currently teach Intro Bio, Marine Ecology and Graduate Ecology. I am happy to share copies of teaching materials by request.

BIS 2B Introduction to Biology: Introduction to Ecology and Evolution.  I have co-taught this course with Rick Grosberg since its inception in 2008. This is the first course in the introductory biology sequence. The course covers the processes by which organisms have evolved over the several billion years of the existence of life on Earth and the present-day processes by which those species interact with each other and the environment to create the patterns of distribution and abundance of species we see around us.  We emphasize to the students how evolution and ecology are fundamentally linked: evolutionary history shapes a species’ ecology, and present-day ecology can influence future evolutionary trajectories. It is taught every quarter, and the group of faculty who teach it meet regularly to discuss content, pedagogy and administrative issues and to standardize across offerings.

EVE 115: Marine Ecology. This is a course have taught regularly since arriving at UC Davis in 2000.  It is is currently offered in alternate winters, including winter 2021. It is a key course in the major in Marine and Coastal Sciences.  The course has two goals: (1) developing an appreciation for marine biodiversity and an understanding of how specific marine communities are structured; (2) an understanding of general ecological concepts and principles in marine systems.  It includes a research proposal writing assignments in which students re-write their papers after receiving feedback to discuss their ideas at an early stage.  I regularly experiment with new assessment modes and in class vs out of class assessments in the class to see what works.

Graduate Teaching: ECL 200A.  Principles of Ecology.  This is the core course in the Ecology Graduate Group. I give guest lectures in the course on topics such as mutualism, facilitation, diversity-ecosystem functioning, phylogenetic ecology and food webs.